Why travel nursing needs to change.

Having spent the past ten years in the ER, and travel nursing the past five, I’ve come to realize just how fragmented and complex the travel healthcare staffing world truly is. It’s painstakingly time consuming for nurses to manage and maintain profiles with multiple staffing agencies. All of this effort only presents you, the nurse, with a fraction of the available options.

What is so complex about the current travel healthcare market?

  • Over 350 agencies are working to staff more than 40,000 (and growing) travel nurses across thousands of hospitals nationwide.
  • There are numerous Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Vendor Management Systems (VMS) that sit between them and the hospital.
  • All of these entities are wildly unique, as are their relationships with each other.
  • No hospital works with every staffing agency. No staffing agency works with every hospital.
  • Some agencies can pay more because of a preferred or direct relationship with a hospital. Yet others will post the job.
  • The lack of tools and technology to manage the relationships between employers and the workforce is alarming.

No streamlined tool exists for nurses to communicate their qualifications and job preferences to this massive network of employers. Employers are left with no choice but to buy your contact information from companies that you (often) aren’t even aware are selling it. Your information is often vague and outdated, which leaves you receiving dozens of phone calls, texts, and emails that are in no way relevant to the opportunities you’re searching for.

If you pick one, or even three, recruiters to find you the ideal contract, you are severely limiting your options. You’re essentially “rolling the dice” and hoping the few agencies you work with have a contract in the city you want, for the dates you desire, that matches your skills, qualifications, and specialty.

If they do, you’re left hoping they are able to offer you the best package possible in that city. It’s possible that the contract you’ve been offered is being subcontracted from another agency or MSP, which can result in lower pay. At this point, you’ve spent so much time on their onboarding process that that it’s hardly worth trying again with another agency.

Simply put: without an efficient tool to increase the number of agencies you work with, you are missing out on opportunities. Without a streamlined tool for agencies and employers to communicate with the nursing community on a broad scale, they are missing out on top talent. Everybody is losing in the current model.

We built Kamana to create a streamlined way for nurses and employers to connect and engage. 

We’re working to reduce the exorbitant overhead agencies and facilities are burdened with, so they can pay you what you deserve. We want you to be confident every time you sign a contract. We want employers to be confident they have found the best nurse for the job. Your Kamana Profile is the tool to make this happen.

We exist to ensure you are finding the best possible opportunities — pay, date, location, etc. — for your next engagement quickly and efficiently.

Let Kamana be the last online nursing profile you ever have to make.

I encourage you to reach out to me if you have questions. Find me directly at john@kamanahealth.com.

We’re glad you’re with us.