Kamana’s 2021 Year in Review

Painting the picture with broad strokes, this end-of-year summary feels so much more encouraging than the one before. While the healthcare industry is still experiencing the downside of staffing shortages and burnout, we’re surrounded by hope (and science) to help us see the post-pandemic horizon ahead.

Of course, there have been ups and downs, but at the risk of repeating the overused catch-phrase:  “we’re all in this together” (ugh, sorry!), Kamana is incredibly thankful for all our customers, users, partners, and friends that have joined our tribe and are truly “in this” with us.

You’ve helped Kamana grow!

Social Media Stars

The last twelve months brought a bunch of talented social media stars into our orbit. We love watching, reading, and following their creative, funny, and informative posts, stories, and reels. Most especially, we’re happy to have connected (both virtually and at TravCon) with these awesome healthcare professionals. If you’re looking for some new feeds to follow, check out this fabulous folks:

Expert Writers

Among our other talented friends, we must recognize all the amazing writers that have collaborated with us or have been guest contributors for our blog. Hearing directly from the experts means Kamana is able to share quality content on our blog and in our monthly newsletters.

Partners + Friends

Healthcare Staffing Hire

If you are looking for the perfect mobile friendly competency exams to pair with Kamana, then look no further than Healthcare Staffing Hire! We love their customer-first approach with both agencies and healthcare processionals. Your staff can complete their onboarding competencies from any location, any time. We are proud to be in great company with this exceptional team.

CONNECT: Healthcare Staffing Hire 

Lumify Care

Co-founders, Anthony and Jennifferre, have been paving the way in improving patient experiences with their innovative wearable light solution for night-shift, bedside care. Kamana was proud to pass out their swag to TravCon attendees in Las Vegas. Keep an eye on these two as they continue to expand their business with their new Lumify Hub, a marketplace for healthcare professional to find dozens of helpful resources in one spot.

CONNECT: Lumify Care | Lumify Hub | @lumifycare

MedTravel Hub

Jonathan has been a friend of Kamana’s for years, but our connection grew stronger in 2021 after lots of great convos at TravCon and after. We love this business and the company motto “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” With international travel happening again, MedTravel Hub is all about creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences, taking healthcare professional on adventurous expeditions around the world. Their next trip (to Peru) is planned for April 2022 and Kamana will be sponsoring some gear for the team.

Connect: MedTravel Hub@medtravelhub 

MedVenture App

Co-founders Emily and Ryan are always up for a good time and their spirit overflows into their community-building app. Growing by leaps and bounds, we see these two not only as savvy entrepreneurs, but also vital travel nurses that are on a mission to nurture friendships between strangers away on assignment. Kamana always appreciates their willingness in cross-collaboration on blog posts, social shares, and word-of-mouth mentions.

Connect: MedVenture@medventureapp

Moxie Mentoring

The team at Moxie Mentoring are more than consultants and industry experts, they are true rockstars for the businesses they support. Their passion for driving success for the companies they partner with has a direct impact on improving both the individual business, but also the whole healthcare staffing industry. Kamana is grateful for the opportunity to connect with the team (in-person!) at the Healthcare Staffing Summit and we look forward to so many more chances to hang out at future industry events.

Connect: Moxie Mentoring@moxiementoring

Nurse-Owned Staffing Agency

It’s hard to summarize in a few lines what the NOSA group (Nurse-Owned Staffing Agency) and its founder, Shemeka, mean to Kamana. Whether we’re collaborating on blogs, having meaningful conversations in the Facebook group, co-hosting Lunch and Learn webinars, or just spending quality-time with members at TravCon, this organization has a special place in our hearts. NOSA is a critical resource for those starting and operating healthcare staffing companies, building community with other business-owners, and fostering peer-to-peer friendships. Kamana feels so lucky to call NOSA a friend and partner.

Connect: NOSA | Facebook Group | @thenosagrp


Christine, founder of NurseRX not only has a magnetic personality, but also a big brain and a big heart for travel nurses. As a coach and educator for those looking to jump into the field, this woman is the expert. From taking over our Instagram for the day, to blog writing, and participating on our “Death by Compliance Burnout” panel at the Healthcare Staffing Summit, we couldn’t imagine a Kamana-world without her.

Connect: NurseRX | @nurserxusa

PLEX Capital

We can’t have a year in review without Amanda and our friends at PLEX capital. It’s been a great year serving the start-up staffing agency community together, and Kamana appreciates everything they do for our community. If you are ever in need of a trustworthy, capital solution to grow your business, we can’t say enough good things about this exceptional group.

Connect: PLEX Capital 

Thank you!

We can’t say enough good things about the cool, smart, and dedicated group of humans that we get to work with each day – both internally at Kamana and with you, our friends and partners! THANK YOU! 😁